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This is Me.

Hey there,

I am a Virginia-based psychology student who has a strong passion to spread the importance of mental health throughout my community and beyond.

I was not always a fan of psychology though. I vividly remember sitting in my high school AP psychology class playing IMessage games to pass the time.

So, what changed?

I learned cup pong was not going to get me a degree, but also

Sophomore year of college happen.

After going to one of my first therapy sessions, I realized how powerful the human mind was. I started receiving tools on how to cope with stressful, anxiety-ridden situations, I was learning more about how I fit into the world, and most importantly I learned I was not the only person experiencing struggle in life.

Flash forward a few months, I am now a psychology major!

My passion is to encourage others to become aware of the importance of their own mental health through daily Instagram chats, Mental Health focused projects, and my life mantra “LiveForYOU!”

Whether it be through social media or in person, I adore getting to talk with everyone about their lives and interests while also being a listening ear when times are tough.

Through my growing Instagram platform and brand-new Twitter platform, I never miss a moment to shine a light on the fun that self-care can bring to life.

Typically, you can find me at the gym experimenting with new workouts, relaxing with a cup of Chai Tea, or snuggling close with my pups while watching This Is Us on Hulu.

I always am here to chat about life! Feel 100% free to reach out on Instagram and Twitter.

 I am only a message away.

Xx Madison


Can’t wait to see you on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Live for YOU! was created to encourage individuals, like YOU, to live for themselves each and everyday. Take those mental health days, say “no” if you do not want to go out, and most importantly, Live for YOU!

Copyright 2020 Madison Casner

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